Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park in SeaTac, WA

Welcome to Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park in SeaTac, WA! Located at 20044 32nd Ave S, Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park is a great place for your furry friend to have fun and get fresh air. Here, dogs play off-leash with their canine friends in a safe, well-groomed environment. Learn more here.

Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park has something for everyone. The spacious, fenced-in area provides plenty of room for large and small dogs to play and frolic. The playground’s surface consists of rubberized turf and dirt, making it perfect for roughhousing and running. There are plenty of trees and other areas for dogs to explore and sniff. And for the humans, there are benches to enjoy the view and picnic tables for snacks and treats. Learn more about North SeaTac Park & Ball Fields in SeaTac, WA.

Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park also offers amenities that everyone can appreciate. In addition to ample outdoor space, several water fountains are dotted around the park, and waste bags and disposals are for quick and easy cleanup. There are even a few covered areas to provide shade during hot days. To ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone, there are some ground rules to be aware of when visiting Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park. All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, and it is recommended that all members have their pet’s ID tags visible on their collars. Additionally, owners should control their dogs at all times and clean up after their pups as needed. It is also important to note that certain breeds of dogs, such as Pit Bulls, are not allowed on the premises.