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With hundreds of commercial siding projects around the Puget Sound region, DOM Construction has helped reshape the skylines of all major communities.

Material Choices

DOM Construction is allied with all the major siding material suppliers. Choose from James Hardie, metal, and more.

DOM Construction has been evolving the Seattle, and the greater Puget Sound region, skyline since 1991. With a vast portfolio of 100s of commercial siding projects, working with hundreds of general contractors in the area, DOM Construction has provided reliable and affordable solutions that are durable, contemporary, and affordable. Dom Construction collaborates with general contractors of any size from the largest companies to the smallest.

Commercial siding projects represent the foundation of the DOM Construction business model, and we strive to build quality relationships with both general contractors and our fellow sub-contractors. We deliver quality commercial siding installations on time and on budget.

DOM Construction understands the essential need for on time installation of commercial siding allows our trade partners the ability to adhere to their schedules and allow the general contractor to complete their project within the parameters promised.

DOM Construction is proficient in the installation of commercial siding in a multitude of different siding materials. Our experience in commercial siding provides the expertise to install whichever materials that the project plans require.

The DOM Construction estimating team is committed to delivering bids on time and at the most competitive price possible. We pride ourselves on our bidding process and the bids that we deliver to general contractors and their commercial siding needs.

DOM Construction strives to be a good partner when awarded commercial siding projects by being aware of the site safety requirements, standard practices, and expectations of the general contractor. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to safety or site cleanliness and always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

As the Seattle/Bellevue and surrounding area has grown and changed over the years, DOM Construction has been involved with the ever-changing skyscape.

“I’m very proud to be a part of the evolution of our region,” DOM Construction CEO Vacek Szymula said. “We are enthusiastic about the future of the region and will continue to collaborate with the area’s finest construction companies.”

When it comes to commercial construction, and commercial siding installation specifically, so much depends on the relationships built between general contractors and their subs. DOM Construction has built so many wonderful relationships in our 30 years in the commercial construction industry. We have done this by being scrupulous about delivering on time and within budget. From the takeoff and bidding stage to final cleanup, you will not find a more seamless experience when it comes to commercial siding installation.

DOM Construction understands that it is not always smooth sailing through the commercial construction journey including the commercial siding aspect of the project. Inevitably, problems will arise. DOM Construction prides itself on its problem resolution abilities and strive to find solutions that are in the best financial and scheduling interests for all parties concerned. We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction up the organizational structure including other sub-contractors and the general contractor. We understand the ramifications to the bottom line when problems are left to linger, and DOM Construction is committed to solve any problem quickly and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Dom Construction helps deliver satisfied end users to your commercial siding projects.

DOM Construction believes that the key to a smooth commercial siding project is communication. We strive to keep all parties up to date on any changes, site problems or potential problems. The project managers at DOM Construction are committed to communicating with other project stakeholders. Communication is the key to a successful relationship between contractors and sub-contractors.

DOM Construction is a preferred contractor with many of the commercial siding suppliers and manufacturers. We are committed to providing the best commercial siding products specifically required in the project plans and we are always ready to consult on the best materials and applications for your project. DOM Construction is adept at securing commercial siding materials at the lowest cost and with availability that is not impact by the current supply line challenges.

Dom Construction has an extensive history of installing the leading manufacturers of commercial siding products including James Hardie, LP, metal, and vinyl siding.

Your commercial project is not complete until it has the proper siding installed. DOM Construction has the experience in commercial siding installation that ensures your project will have the siding you desire, installed in a professional manner and within your budget.

DOM Construction is bullish on the future growth of our region, and we are excited to participate in the ever-changing skyscape of our dynamic cities. The region offers so much to both current residents and those who wish to re-locate here. The quality of life that we enjoy in the Puget Sound region is unsurpassed anywhere else in the country and we are a proud member of the community. We support local causes, local sporting teams and events and local businesses.

DOM Construction is proud to partner with the leading contractors in the region and the long-standing relationships we share with these firms. Together we are committed to building a better Puget Sound region. The future for our business sector remains bright and DOM Construction looks forward to partnering with contractors who are equally optimistic about the region’s future.

If you are not having DOM Construction install your commercial siding, how is the relationship with your current sub-contractor? Are you ready to elevate that relationship with a sub-contractor that is committed to helping you grow your business? DOM Construction is available to help you explore your options and make your life easier when it comes to the commercial siding aspect of your projects.

Please feel free to reach out to DOM Construction for more information on how we can help you as we both build toward a better future for our region. You can contact us through the “contact” page on this website or you can email us at or call 206.870.0329. We would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can build the kind of relationship that will help us complete commercial siding projects, on-time, within budget and which benefits yours, and ours, bottom line. We look forward to these discussions with you.


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