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Modern Custom Home Siding Trends for 2021

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If you are looking for a project that can be completed on schedule and budget, then it is time to look at the modern custom home siding trends for 2021 in Seattle, Washington. Most house siding in Seattle has two main types of styles; European and waterfront. The most popular type of house siding by far is the European style because it gives the most architectural appearance. These types of house siding trends in Seattle are very pleasing to the eye, which is why this style is so popular among homeowners and builders. With the addition of natural stone patios and verandas, it is easy to see why these types of house siding in Seattle are becoming more popular. More about Seattle, WA can be seen here.

This is what Forbes Magazine has to say about modern custom home siding trends for 2021:

Very few home improvements can enhance the curb appeal of your house like new siding. Modern homes are all about clean lines, striking accents and the use of emerging materials. One of the most prominent exterior home design trends for 2021 is betting on siding replacing brick.

While siding has been around for decades (and there are now a myriad of siding options to choose from, homeowners and contractors alike find that the infinite style opportunities that come with siding can offer a more timeless and modern look than brick. Here are some of the most popular custom home siding trends we’ll be seeing this year, and in years to come.

Fiber Cement Siding for Texture

Outdoor home design is focusing more on adding creative textures and shapes. The use of different shaped sidings to create more visual interest from one area of the house to the next will be highly prominent.

Fiber cement siding is one of the latest developments in siding. Builders love that it is durable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Also, fiber cement siding comes very close to emulating natural wood grain, which adds another layer of texture and accent to the home’s exterior.

Siding remains one of the most popular options for creating visual texture. A subtle approach can be made with dark colors, while light colors will add more detail and textured depth to an area of the house.

Vertical Vinyl Siding for Accents

Vertical Siding by DOM Construction

Available in various textures, colors and styles, vinyl siding is the answer when looking for low-cost, low-maintenance and versatility. Traditional siding panels are placed horizontally, but with the flexibility and versatility of vinyl siding, it’s easy to modernize a home and add curb appeal on a budget. There’s an opportunity to place accents almost anywhere with vinyl siding. You’ll see it just below the roofline, by the entryway or around the windows.

Using Siding to Add Contrast

Modern home siding trends are moving toward unexpected colors. A high-contrasting trim against a darker siding can be used to create a more contemporary style. While the classic light or natural-color siding remains a popular choice, it’s now met with dark window frames or darker-colored accents to create depth and have a more dramatic effect.

Colorful Siding Trends

Unlike brick, siding can instantly change with a quick coat of paint. Plus, it’s available in different finishes, styles and colors. In the last couple of years, there’s been an upswing in darker paint for home exteriors. Darker colors are more dramatic and eye-catching; they also allow you to play more with lighting and accents to add architectural appeal.

Here are the most popular colors for home siding in 2021:

  • Blue
  • Deep gray
  • Cobalt
  • Natural wood
  • Charcoal
  • White

Eco-Friendly Siding Materials

Eco-friendly materials are having a moment this year. Using eco-friendly siding options is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace green constructions. The good news is that most siding materials are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable.

A steady trend in recent years is prioritizing durable building materials that require minor repairs or replacements. Homeowners are looking for quality features in exterior home design that are built to last and perform without failing.

Mix and Match Siding Trends

Another popular trend is the use of different styles and sizes of cladding. Mix and matching is nothing new, but today’s modern homes are using unique combinations. Combining various siding styles to highlight different parts of the house or using different colors to create more contrast, mix and matching siding is one of the most popular trends in exterior home design this year.

Cladding Indoors and Outdoors

Blame it on the rise of farmhouse style decor, or not, but extending the indoor designs to the outdoors is a huge trend in home design this year. A new trend gaining momentum in modern homes is the use of the same cladding inside and outside the structure, especially by the entryway. To bring the trend inside and modernize the indoors, designers are opting for oversize siding panels.

The biggest home siding trends for 2021 in Seattle, WA will focus on darker siding colors and designs that provide visual interest through texture and color combinations that add contrast, but stay within one color family. As homeowners look for materials that are made to last, siding is coming out as a top choice. We expect to see more custom siding options becoming a staple in new modern homes.

Whether you are looking to update your the appearance of your house with modern custom home siding trends for 2021 in Seattle, WA, or you are selling a house and want to give it the kind of curb appeal that will result in higher bids, new siding from DOM Construction can help. Call (206) 870-0329 for a FREE quote or request your FREE quote online HERE.